Clinical Trials

 Phase Ib-IV vaccine, drug, and devices including  Adaptive Trial Designs.

Population Health

Epidemiology and Patient-Centered Outcomes Research.

Research Capacity

Strengthen health systems for clinical research activities in sub-Saharan Africa.

How VIBRI brings value to partners …

Why Choose VIBRI

The success you will gain in every step of a clinical trial process comes from our in-depth knowledge of the business, its conditions, dynamics and cultural nuances.

Quality Research

High-quality data, well trained, and experienced clinical research leaders.

Clinical Sites

A growing network of public-private health facilities with good referral networks.

Patient Access

Ethnically diverse, treatment-naive, and well-characterized population.

Rapid Timelines

Faster regulatory and ethical approvals, start-up, and recruitment timelines.

About us

Victoria Biomedical Research Institute (VIBRI) is a non-profit providing pharmaceutical,  academic research, and non-profit organizations with a network of clinical sites and expertise focusing on accelerating transformative therapeutics, vaccines, and devices research in Kenya.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver high-quality health research relevant to Africa and to strengthen health system capacity for undertaking research and providing access to quality health services.

Africa’s population is 1.2 billion people …

More than 10,000

Registered Clinical Trials


Implementation Sciences

Global Health Programs Monitoring & Evaluation for Operation and Impact.


Bioequivalence certification for registration of medicines in Africa.

Data Science

Bioinformatics, Statistics, and Mathematical Modeling Services.

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